Press Freedom In India Is Worst Among The World

Infographic: The State Of World Press Freedom | Statista

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Press freedom is worst in India and it has dropped further in 2019. Out of 180 countries India is at 140 beating Pakistan (@142) by 2 points in ranking.

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Therefore it becomes very important for the Indian people to understand that what is shown in the TV and news paper is manipulated content controlled by the ones who are in power.

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Market Cap Of Most PSU Banks Combined less than One Private Bank in India

Data source point:

Check out the Pie chart above, the big blue portion in the above chart is the market cap of HDFC bank and rest all combined in the chart above is Public Sector Banks.

Above shows the Percentage Stock price change over last 5 years. Because of bad NPA’s in last 5 years. PSU banks are doing really bad.

Checkout the analysis from Washington post, how bad the situation is of these India Public Sector Banks.