After Army, Police, Election Commission, Supreme Court Of India Is Under Attack

A sexual harassment charge has been leveled against Chief Justice Of India Ranjan Gangoi.

Ranjan Gangoi has 20 years of clean career. He said Democracy and Supreme Court of India are under attack. He said he has around 6 lakh worth of savings in his account after 20 years of career and because he can’t be trapped on the basis of corruption so there are bigger forces who are trying alternate ways to malign him.

Worth noting here that, on Supreme Court’s strong actions, Election commission has last week come in to action and banned political leaders for few days who made religious and blasphemy statements.

Also Worth noting here that this is the second time Supreme court has come under attack in last 5 years under Modi’s Government. Last time, Supreme Court judges came out publicly and did press conference against the previous chief justice of India.

Also the timing is very important. Why one after another new sensational things are coming out in this election season. Ist Pakistan Balakot attack, now Supreme Court allegations.