Attacking Pappu Was Not Working So Modi Went 30 Yrs Back In Time

Modi started attacking Rajiv Gandhi in last 3-4 days and also challenged Rahul Gandhi for debate on Rajiv Gandhi. He called Rajiv Gandhi Corrupt and tried to convey the message that whole Gandhi family is corrupt. But the question is why in the last phase of elections Modi brought in Rajiv Gandhi to deliver his message that Gandhis are corrupt.

There could be two reasons for that. First, it could be that Modi got irritated by the Rahul Gandhi’s slogan “Chowkidar Chor Hai” and seeing that slogan picked up momentum in recent days, he totally lost his temper and started attacking Rajiv Gandhi to hurt Rahul Gandhi.

It could also be that Modi must have by now clear idea that elections are not going the way he expected them to be. Congress must be doing better than he thought. He must have realized that Balakot and Pulwama impact is not working any more and therefore he needs to change the strategy for the last two phases of elections.

In both of above reasoning, Modi looks weak as a prime ministerial candidate. Modi’s latest punches against Gandhis seem like last act of desperation. In his desperation, he has started playing the victim card too by reminding people that opposition parties have called him”Gandi Naali Ka Keeda”, “Kuta”, “Hitler” etc. in the past.

Clearly Modi has not only weakened his bravo image of “56 inch of chest” person but also hurt the image of prime minister of India by giving speeches which has no credible substance.