Not Indian Law, Airlift to Bay of Bengal, Amit Shah’s message To Deal With Perpetrators In India

BJP’s Amit Shah on Thursday said in an election speech that he would throw perpetrators in to Bay of Bengal. It is worth considering here that Amit Shah is not only from the ruling party but also the party president of BJP and statements such as this from such a prominent leader sets dangerous precedence for the junior leaders.

Also worth nothing here that Election Commission has become just a mute Chowkidar and implicitly allowing all the activities under his watch dog especially when election code of conduct is in place.

BJP’s Maneka Gandhi Threatening Muslim Voters

Fearing the loss of elections, BJP’s Maneka Gandhi in her latest election rally openly threatened Muslim Voters saying that if Muslims didn’t vote for her in the upcoming elections, she would’nt do any work for them after she wins the election.

This is not the first time that BJP’s leaders openly showed such defiance and threatening behavior but in recent days even the BJP’s top brass leaders have started doing this kind of politics as they are getting more desperate.