Hate Tweet by Amit Shah: Will Only Punish Muslim And Christian Perpetrators

Checkout the Latest tweet by Amit Shah in which he is claiming that BJP will remove every single infiltrator from the country, except Buddha, Hindus and Sikhs. Clearly Amit Shah is targeting Muslims and Christians and doing religious polarization in the country.

By doing this polarization he is vouching for Hindu, Buddha and Sikh votes.

Maneka Gandhi Showed Love For Pets But Hate For Humans

Maneka Gandhi is contesting from Sultanpur, UP this time and in her latest speech in Sultanpur, she claimed that she would definitely win the election with or without the Muslim votes but after the win if She found out that Muslim voted against her, she would not do work for Muslims.

Maneka Gandhi who is known for protecting the animals and giving preaching on animal cruelty has no love when it comes to humans because they are Muslims.