Modi’s Shameless Act: Begging Votes on Pulwama Martyrs Dead Bodies

This week Modi took BJP’s campaign to new lows and became first Prime Minister in Indian History of politics to use Martyrs for the sake of votes. Opposition parties complained about this behavior to Election Commission but so far no action has been taken by it.

Most of the media however covered the debate on national TV channels but few took the courage to criticize PM Modi. If you watch the debates regarding this topic, BJP politicians defend their leaders remarks saying that it is Election Commission to decide whether these remarks are appropriate or not.

My Opinion:

Definitely a coward and shameless act from PM of country like India where politicization of army has never been done in such an open manner especially for votes

For every bad act, if Election Commission or Supreme Court has to intervene to teach the basics to PM and his ruling party, such party should have no rights to even fight for elections

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