Demeaning Act by BJP in Maharashtra

BJP has fell down to lowest today. Maharashtra Governor today made BJP govt with support from NCP’s Ajit Pawar. Governor of Maharashtra behind the scenes arranged things for BJP over night to lift the president rule and made BJP’s govt.

There is lot of drama going on. MLAs are being bought and sold openly. Parties such as BJP which fought the elections based on principles and ethics when asked why they are stooping low. The most common reply is that Congress has been doing it for last 70 years what is wrong if BJP does it.

Governor who is supposed to be impartial authority is also under scanner. From removing presidents rule at 6 am in the morning to CMs oath ceremony at 8 am in the morning on same day raises lot of questions. Even media caught off guard seeing BJP’s CM candidate taking oath.

There is one minor thing to notice here that India is a democracy. In a vibrant democracy such as India, can anyone believe that Governor of a state such as big as Maharashtra would conduct a CM oath ceremony at 8 am in the morning without notifying anyone.

Clearly this is act of desperation from BJP. Remember BJP Maharashtra candidate Devendra Fadnavis built his career bashing Ajit Pawar. Now Davendra has made government with that same Ajit Pawar. Now counter argument here is that since Congress has been doing this for the last 70 years why can’t BJP do it. Yes BJP can do it since Congress has done the same then one can conclude there is no difference between Congress and BJP and be ready for another 70 years of corrupt government.