Who is Real Pappu?

Rahul Gandhi has been given many names especially by BJP. One of them is Pappu. In last 5 years, BJP initiated a campaign in which it started naming people by different names and as a result of that lowered the credibility of everyone who stood against its policies and ideology.

Rahul is not the only one who BJP targeted. Modi called Mamta Banerjee “speed breaker”. Whoever asked for Balakot Proof was called anti-national. So just by labeling people, BJP not only lowered the credibility of the questioner but also made sure that its supporters don’t even try to think in the right direction.

When people asked by Balakot, by labeling them anti-national, BJP made sure that debate goes in one direction only that is it acted tough on Pakistan in a way in which no PM had acted before. They even quelled the whole debate about why Pulwama happened in the first place, why the Indian Chopper got crashed killing our soldiers for no reason. BJP tricked the whole debate in a way so to use for election benefits and it did that because it could rely on unidirectional faith of its followers.

Recent interviews by Modi took this faith to new dimension. In his recent interviews Modi claimed that in 1986-87 time frame, he used digital camera and then emailed the photo to Advani. It is strange that Modi, in today’s digital age, is doing childish talk with so much utter confidence thinking that everyone would believe him. Yes, he proved to be right, neither in nor any one among his blind followers even tried to counter that publicly. Modi has been able to either lower the IQ level of his blind followers or has started believing that whatever comes out of his mouth would be truth doesn’t matter whatever it is.

His recent interview on how he suggested an idea to India Air force about using clouds to avoid being detected in radar is very deadening. A sitting prime minister of India overruling the India Air Force recommendation with its own tells us that how dangerous the situation could have been, had the warnings of Indian Air Force played out the way it suggested. Again the Godi Media and Modi’s blind followers don’t see anything bad in what Modi said because they have become unidirectional thinkers.

This article is not about criticizing Modi followers. There is nothing wrong in following Modi and his policies as long as they make sense. But when someone starts blinding following anyone and that too PM of India then it is very dangerous.

For every criticism of Modi, comparing it to Congress and Rahul Gandhi is not right thinking. Congress was corrupt that is why it saw the worst and most humiliating defeat in its history. Saying Congress is corrupt and making fun of Rahul Gandhi or Mamta Banarjee does’t make Modi right.

Believing anyone blindly not only questions the believers credibility but also keeps the person in dark whom the blind believer is following by not letting him know the mistakes he is making.

So the question is who the real Pappu is? Is it the person who is talking non sense or who is believing without his sense?

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