Modi From Person Of Year to Divider In Chief -Steepest Decline For Any PM

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Modi has been shown as “Divider In Chief” in latest international Time Magazine edition cover page. The article talks about how under Modi India’s democratic system has become unstable and if Modi wins again, the author raises questions whether this democratic system would remain intact for another 5 years.

Time magazine is considered to be one of the top reputed magazines in the world. In the past Time magazine has covered twice Modi on its cover page once as winner of Twitter person of the year award. No one questioned about the authenticity of then published accolades in Time Magazine. But now BJP was quick to say that Time Magazine story is wrong.

Opposition parties who have not got much coverage in the main stream Indian Media since 2014 were quick to pick up this opportunity to criticize PM Modi. I am pretty sure no one in would align with Time Magazine analysis.

Time magazine cover story is just one example. In last year or so there are number of international media publications which have done stories on PM Modi and written about darker side of his policies. Since Indian media is not covering those stories and on top of that manipulating news in favor of Modi, people of India are not getting the real picture.

But internet and social media have never the less filled the gap of good media in India. Well that credit also goes to PM Modi, By favoring Reliance over BSNL, PM Modi made Reliance JIO so big in just couple of years. As a result of that 50% of Indians now have access to internet and social media. Therefore inspite of Godi Media, people have been able to access real news, thanks to Modi JIOs mobile revolution.

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