Desperate Modi Touched New Lows Today

In 2014 when Modi won the election, most of the Indians thought that finally someone has come who would do something that no prime minister has done it before. Well the hope was that Modi will be exemplary and make India a great nation by working for poor, reduce the corruption, eliminate the bureaucracy and help India stand as strong nation in the world. But on the contrary Modi proved himself to be exemplary in bowing down to lowest level that no prime minister in the history of India bowed to.

In last 3 months, after Pulwama, true face of Modi has come out. Desperate to win in Lok Sabha elections, he started politicization of Pulwama. In all of his speeches lately, he bragged about the air strikes. Well it is true that doing air strikes was definitely a bold move but then when Modi and his brigade started politicization of those attacks that truly changed the debate.

When a prime minister of country starts bragging about surgical and air strikes and use them as marketing campaign to win elections, then he doesn’t deserve to be prime minister.

Prime minister of republic of India today in an election rally said that before 2014, no surgical strikes happened and if it happened then Congress must be dreaming and he compared those previous surgical strikes to the strikes in video games. Can anyone imagine that prime minister of republic of India making fun of surgical strikes and comparing it to strikes in video games? General Hooda who did the real surgical strikes in Modi’s government admitted openly that these strikes did happen previously too under Congress but instead of surgical strikes these were called something else. Without going in to the absurd debate of what is surgical or non-surgical, it is shame that prime minister of India has to bring this up in election rally and make fun of it.

Recently Modi is showing up on different television shows in totally made up interviews. Recent Interviews with Akshay Kumar and then yesterday with Rajat Sharma exposes Modi further. All these arranged interviews are not to showcase and discuss any real issues but to distract people and present them with a larger than life image of Modi. The interviewer is constantly flattering Modi by questioning petty questions and then Modi answering by bragging about himself.  As an example Modi is telling Rajat Sharma about stories about his trips to White House and how Obama got impressed with him. I am pretty sure that Modi is not the first Indian Prime minister who has gone to America and visited White House but to brag about these visits and then project as if he is the first prime minister who has done so is something no one expected from a prime minister of biggest democratic country in world. One would wonder what is going on and why Modi is stooping and touching such lows recently.

Well it seems, Modi expected a clean sweep in the elections. At some point, he felt that he might not win as convincingly as he thought. Politicization of Pulwama, giving ticket to a terror accused Pragya Thakur at the last minute, making fun of surgical strikes in Congress times, cursing Rajiv Gandhi(not sparing even who is dead) as corrupt and then showing up in fake interviews with Rajat Sharma and Akshay Kumar, clearly proves that Modi is desperate and scared of losing elections. He is making sure that no stone remains unturned to win the 2019 elections.

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