Dynast vs Autocrat – Is That The Choice India Has

After India took independence, its politics has been dominated by Congress party. In the past 70 years, if we leave the NDA government’s rule of 5 years under Mr. Vajpayee, Congress has more or less controlled the politics of India. And when talk about congress, Gandhi family is the prominent name which comes to everyone’s mind that has either directly or indirectly been in control of the party. Therefore it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Gandhi family has governed India more than anyone else.

But instead of governed, should we say that Gandhi family ruled India. In 2014, BJP came to power with the slogan “Congress Mukt Bharat” and raised the issue that India has been ruled by Gandhi dynasty since independence. People believed in BJP’s vibrant PM candidate Mr. Modi’s vision and voted BJP to power with majority. Since then 5 years has passed and presently Lok Sabha elections are going on. Can we say now that dynast rule has finished and democratic India has emerged after these 5 years?

Well, if we look at the democratic Institutions, they have not become better in those 5 years but on the contrary has turned worse. Press and Television are totally controlled by the big corporate houses. Dedicated TV channels like NaMo TV, biased commentary by many prominent TV generalists on different channels have made the situation worse. Rather than any real issues, TV commentators are busy making politicians fight on irrelevant issues of Pappu vs Feku No 1. Election Commission, CBI, RBI and other government agencies are working for one man as if it is not democratic but autocratic government. So should we say instead of democratic India, it has become autocratic India?

It is not that Congress has not used these government agencies in the past to their advantage but to the level that BJP government has used them is very alarming. At least in Congress times, Election Commission, TV and Print Media were more or less independent. The judiciary especially the apex (supreme) court was seen as independent, respected institution. Now it is hard to say that these institutions are as independent as it used to be.

So the question is, given the current circumstances where there are only two prime ministerial candidates a dynast and autocrat, which of two is better? A dynast or an autocrat?

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