Does Election Commission Matter Any More in 2019 Lok Sabha Election

4th phase of election is over. It has been 20 days since Modi gave a speech on Pulwama which violated election code of conduct according to opposition parties. Complaint has already been filed but so far no action from EC.

On the contrary, EC took some action against other candidates on filed complaints. Then why no action against Modi and Amit Shah.

Speech on Pulwama is not the only violation that Modi has done. After that Modi did the violation again when he did a rally one day before the election in Gujarat. But no action from EC again. In the list of complaints filed on the Election Commission’s website, there is not even a mention of the complaint against Modi.

Looks like Election Commission is working for or influenced by the PMO office. If it is not then it should come out clean and hold accountable every one according to the election code of conduct. By not doing so it is demeaning the stature of Election Commission.

Question is not whether Modi should be punished for his speech, the question is about integrity of independent institutions in India. This will set the wrong precedence for the future governments and situation could deteriorate further in the future elections where the ruling government might even rig the elections if Election Commission starts working for it behind the scenes.

Checkout the above video from Raveesh Kumar where he is talking about situations where the government employees are even helping Modi (violation of election code of conduct) on PMO office’s direction by sending the data for the areas where Modi is conducting rallies.

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