Prime Minister Modi’s Fake Town Hall Debates And Interviews

Modi is first prime minister till today who has not even conducted one press conference. In 2014  BJP fought the whole election campaign on Modi. After that even all the assembly state elections were also fought on Modi’s face.

Indian parliamentary system is not like USA’s parliamentary system. In USA, people vote for president.  That is why the person who is running for president in USA takes part in many Town Hall debates with his opponents and journalists. On the contrary Indian elections are fought by a political parties and prime minister  is decided by the party who wins the majority. But since 2014, this has changed. BJP is fighting on prime ministerial candidate. If BJP wants to fight like as if we are voting for the prime minister then why Prime Minister Modi is not opening himself to press conferences and running away from town hall like debates.

So far he has given interviews to already selected journalists/persons who have asked questions according to his requirements in a comfortable setup. Recent interview by actor Akshay Kumar is a joke.  You can see in the interview he is flattering the prime minister and the prime minister is flattering himself.

If Modi is so afraid of giving any public interviews and has no guts of being part of any press conferences, does he deserve to be elected prime minister of India again?

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