Choose Modi Because There Is No One Else – Is It Right Thinking

In 2014 when Modi came to power, people voted for change after 10 years of Congress’s UPA government which involved lot of scams. Modi during his election rallies in 2014 raised issues of corruption against Congress and its government. While campaigning he claimed that he’s a different leader and he would bring change in Indian politics. Modi during the election claimed that he had done a lot of work in Gujarat and  he would bring the same Gujarat model to all over the country. His campaign promises in 2014 got boost when media started covering him strongly and at the same time ignored opposition completely. Everywhere there was a Modi wave. It seemed like a natural transition.

Since then 5 years have passed and now there is election again. But a lot has changed in these five years. 80% percent of Indian States have BJP state government now. All the Indian institutions such as RBI, CBI have heads which are pro BJP. Above and all most of Indian media which includes both newspapers and TV new channels  have been bought by the Indian corporates which are pro BJP too.

Modi in this last five years has not only dominated opposition parties but also his own party. All of the big leaders of the BJP who were quite active before 2014 have been completely sidelined by Modi. If you look at BJP’s last 5 Years in government,  no one but Modi is seen everywhere. He has visited more than 55 countries in these 5 years. By doing so he got a lot of public attention. He has made people believe that he is actively working to serve his country as prime minister of India.

If you look deeper into his work, he has played the system very well. In his foreign trips he made lot of deals  and made people believe that he’s really making India a world power but now we know that most of those contracts were given to big corporates such as Ambani and Adani.  As a result of that Indian big houses became bigger at the cost of Indian government companies. But because media never covered the other side of the story, Indian people never came to know how he has been weakening government companies and working behind the scenes only for Indian Corporates.  

BSNL is one such great example.  If you look at last 5 Years of Telecom sector. BSNL’s market share has been around 8 to 9% but if you look at Reliance JIO’s market share in last 3 years, it has gone from nowhere to near about 25% in last 3 years. BSNL Which is a government Institution, its employees are suffering because they have not been given salaries this year. It is worth noting here that on one hand before the elections Prime Minister Modi took 4 billion dollars from RBI  and distributed the money to farmers just to buy votes and on the other hand its own government employees are suffering because it doesn’t have money to pay for their salaries.

Modi has played with people’s mind very well too. When it came to power in 2014 with 282 Lok Sabha seats, People made BJP a stronger party whereas Congress which saw its worst defeat in its history with only 44 seats became much weaker national party.  With no strong national leader opposite Modi at that time, Modi used this opportunity to his advantage very well. With all the media and and government Machinery behind him, he propagated his agenda of showing people that he’s the first Prime Minister in India who is actively working for his people.

Six months back if you asked people whether Modi should be re-elected as prime minister or not, most of them replied yes because  there is no one else who could match him. That means since there is no one who could match Modi therefore irrespective of whatever he does, he should be elected again. Modi understands that very well and that’s what he has been doing. He made sure that all opposition remains weak in people’s mind by making fun of its leaders.

This is a dangerous cyclic Loop.  All Modi has to do is to make sure that
good things that his government does is propagated affectively and at the same time let the the  bad things of the opposition come out. Because he has control over all the media and government machinery,he can easily do that. He can make believe people what he wants them to believe.

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