Sidhu Said Modi Dalal of Ambani and Adani – Exposed 18 Scams

In latest press conference, New Delhi Navjot Singh sidhu talks about 18 contracts that Indian government finalized in Last 5 Years.

He starts with Modi’s 2015 trip to Russia when he made a defense contract. The contract was awarded to Anil Ambani worth billions of dollars. Then he talks about Modi’s next trip which was France. In France, another defense deal was done. This time also thousands of crores of deal was awarded to Anil Ambani.

Then Sidhu raises questions that why these defense contracts were not awarded to Indian companies such as DRDO which has more than 50 years of experience and expertise. Then he asks why DRDO is in losses.

Then he talks about prime minister Modi’s trip to Bangladesh. He says in Bangladesh, Prime Minister Modi makes another deal, this time in the power sector. Without any bidding, the contract was awarded to Adani in spite of the fact that India’s power company NTPC was in line for the same contract and offering cheaper price than Adani Power.

Sidhu said Modi is Dalal of Ambani and Adani.

Worth mentioning here that Sidhu is essentially saying that all these are scams since Prime Minister Modi Government out rightly awarded these contracts to only two men Modi and Adani.

Also worth noting here that when Kejriwal accused BJP and Congress leaders of corruption in the past, lot of defamation cases were filed against him but so far no BJP leader has raised any questions on Sidhu’s charges.

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