Shatrughan Sinha Fighting Election From Two Political Parties

Shatrughan Sinha has exposed himself by  campaigning from two election parties one from Congress in which he’s a member and Samajwadi party in which his wife is a member. By doing so he has proved that he’s not fighting on any ideology but he is fighting for only parliament seat.

Before joining Congress he was in BJP and while in BJP he was sidelined by both Modi and Amit Shah.  He was forced to quit BJP. While joining Congress in his welcome speech he spoke against Prime Minister Modi and Amit Shah claiming that BJP is one man show and two men party. In doing so he gathered people’s love and sympathy but with his recent Act he has degraded himself and at the same time embarrassed Congress.

It is also worth noting that in his welcome speech he also mentioned about BJP’s Advani’s words that Nation comes first then party and then person himself but with his recent act he has proved that person himself comes first then comes party and the Nation comes at last.

If Congress thinks that it is different than BJP in principles and morality then it should immediately expel shatrughan Sinha from its party.

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