Raj Thackeray’s New Way Of Holding Politicians Accountable

In today’s politics, It is very hard to hold politicians accountable for their election promises. In 2014 elections’ Modi gave very inspirational and heroic speeches. Most of the India believed whatever Modi said and hoped that a real leader has come to change India after so many years. That is the reason people voted BJP to power with majority. In 2014 speeches, Modi raised slogan that good days are about to come but in last 5 Years, his policies have not achieved what he said then in 2014

To deflect people’s attention from the real agendas he and his party came up with new slogan that is of nationalism. If you look at his recent speeches, in his rallies he keeps on talking about Balakot and how his  administration has strongly dealt with Pakistan. Nowhere in his speeches he’s talking about BJP’s’ 2014 promises and slogans. If you look at media debates in televisions and newspapers, you would see that they are also doing the same thing.

Therefore it is a real challenge for opposition parties to see how they can bring public’s attention onto real issues. However there are some politicians who are not getting stuck in BJP’s trap. One such example is  Raj Thackeray from Mumbai. Raj Thackeray is doing multiple rallies in Mumbai. In his rallies he is playing Modi and Amit Shah’s 2014 and previous years videos in which they made those claims which they never fulfilled. This way Raj Thackeray is making sure that people don’t get deflected from main issues and forgot about BJPs’ slogans on which they came to power.  Raj Talkray has started a new way of doing election rallies which I think is a very good way of exposing politicians who don’t shy away from making Jumlas and false claims to win elections.

Please check out the video above to see how Raj Talkray is exposing politicians.

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